Branding / Brand Stewardship / Brand Development

Creative direction and management, brand extensions, managing how brand is perceived in the market. Developing a positive relationship with the target market, creating an emotional connection between company, products, and customers through on-brand tone, communications, strategy and campaigns while maximizing brand awareness, equity, and loyalty.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Including creative strategy-development and execution, website- development, social media lead generation, outreach and communications, implementation of Facebook fan engagement programs. Maximizing benefits of Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and other social media platforms. Substantial knowledge of SEM, email marketing, video, and mobile media campaigns.

Integrated Marketing and Strategy

Marketing strategy and planning including market research and competitive analysis, consumer insight and engagement, and geographic segmentation. Product positioning and pricing, strategic planning, forecasting and budgeting. Marketing offline material, copy-writing, trade show promotion and event planning. Metric tracking and analysis.

Strategic Partnership and Alliance Building

Building beneficial coalitions with and between marketplace stakeholders, identifying key players and taste-makers, defining agreement parameters, negotiating terms, and closing deals. Utilizing networks and alliances to create maximum brand exposure and positive publicity.

Gay Market / Niche Marketing

Possesses substantial understanding of the global gay marketplace and digital landscape, maintains strong relationships with leading brands, professional organizations, and influencers. Expertise in crafting impactful cross-cultural messaging and campaigns and in-depth knowledge of worldwide, regional, and local media outlets and consumer trends.